The Voice of the Philippines Blind Auditions – Part 1

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The Voice of the Philippines is ABS-CBN’s franchise of America’s reality singing competition famous for its ‘Blind Auditions’, The Voice. The show premiered tonight and showcased some great singers from the entire country.

The Voice of the Philippines’ coaches are Bamboo Manalac, Lea Salonga, Apl de Ap and Sarah Geronimo.

the voice of the philippines

Here are some of the singers from the first part of The Voice of the Philippines’ Blind Auditions:

Darryl Shy – is a 44 year old dad from Baguio. He was the first in line and sang Bamboo’s Tatsulok. His rendition was great and I was surprised that Bamboo did not push the red button. Bamboo said he was looking for something specific for his team. It was Lea Salonga and Apl de Ap who hit the buttons and Darryl selected Lea Salonga as his mentor.

Darryl Shy – Team Lea

Deborah Victa

Deborah sang American Boy by Estelle. This stunner had some soul in her music. For a while there I was thinking that nobody would push that button but Bamboo was clearly enjoying her music.  Bamboo was the only one who pushed the button.

Deborah Victa – Team Bamboo / Team Kawayan

Romel Colao

This guy who’s working on a cockfighting pit sang ‘Natutulog ba ang diyos’. Sadly nobody picked him. Other guys who were not  chosen were Andy  Go and Mel Kevin Ibanez.

Cherry Mae “Chien” Berbana  brought the house down with her rendition of Aegis’ Sayang na Sayang. Apl.De.Ap and Lea Salonga were once again in a competition wooing the singer and Cherry Mae ended up picking Lea Salonga.

Chien Berbana – Team Lea

Watch Cherry Mae Berbana’s blind audition video

Thor Dulay – Thor sang I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. He’s got great vocals and all the coaches turned around (for the first time). Thor is a vocal coach and works as backup singer of Vice Ganda. Thor picked

Thor Dulay – Team

Watch Thor Dulay blind audition video

End of the first part of blind audition. Sarah Geronimo hasn’t picked a singer for her team yet.

 Click here for the day two of The Voice of the Philippines Blind Auditions

 Day 3 of blind auditions

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