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Jan 23, 2013 by

Google today launched Google Philippines.

Aside from opening a Google office in the Philippines, Google also debuted the Google Free Zone in the country, making Philippines the first to have a taste of the Google Free Zone.

Google Free Zone allows Google users to use Google Search, Gmail ang Google+ using any internet enabled smartphone for FREE. Too bad, Google Free Zone is limited to Globe Telecoms and Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers for now but we’re hoping that it will be available to all networks soon.

I just tried registering for Google Free Zone on my Android Smartphone (emptied my load first just to make sure) and yep, it worked! :D





To activate Google Free Zone on your phone, just go to






More about the Google Free Zone from the Google Free Zone site.


Google Free Zone Frequently asked questions

What is Free Zone powered by Google?
Free Zone is an exciting new product that allows users to access Google+, Gmail, and Google Search on their mobile phone without incurring data charges Ė no data plan needed. Itís available on most internet-enabled mobile phones.

How do I use Free Zone?
You can access Free Zone using any default phone browser. You’ll need to sign in with your Google Account in order to use Google Search, Google+, and Gmail through Free Zone. If you donít have a Google Account you can create one easily by going to http://g.co/freezone.

Do I need a data plan to use Free Zone?
No, you donít need a data plan to use Free Zone as it is free of charge. As long as your phone is able to access the internet, you can use Free Zone.

How does Free Zone benefit me?
When you use Google+, Gmail, and Google Search through Free Zone on your mobile phone, you wonít be charged for data. You can use Free Zone even if you havenít subscribed to a data plan with your operator.

Which products can I use free of data charges in Free Zone?
You can use Google+, Gmail, and Google Search free of data charges.

How long will I be able to use Free Zone?
You will be notified about any changes to Free Zoneís pricing structure by your mobile operator ahead of time.

On which mobile phones can I use Free Zone?
Free Zone is available on most internet-enabled mobile phones.

Which browsers can I use with Free Zone?
Free Zone should be accessed with your phone’s default browser. Third party browsers (such as QQ and Bolt) are not supported.

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