NBI Clearance Renewal at Robinson’s OTIS

Jan 15, 2013 by

Renewed my NBI Clearance last week.

Although there are some NBI Clearance Renewal Centers nearer our place I tried renewing my NBI Clearance at Robinson’s OTIS just to check if it is still easier to get an NBI Clearance there.

Almost a couple of years ago when NBI automated their systems, most of the NBI Clearance Renewal Centers were filled with applicants, and while some were going to the malls as early as 5am and lining up for more than 4 hours, I had a different experience getting my NBI Clearance at Robinson’s OTIS (Check out my post here )

I went on a Thursday afternoon and arrived at Robinson’s OTIS past 3 PM. Finding a parking slot was such a mess, I got to wait for several minutes and drove in and out of the mall twice. I was already frustrated and wanted to go home when I luckily chanced upon a guy going out.

I arrived at the NBI Renewal Center at the second floor and fell in line at 3:58 PM. Same experience as before, I already got my NBI Clearance within 15 minutes, way faster than time spent finding a parking space. :)

I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or good timing but some of my friends also applied for their NBI clearances at other malls days before and they waited for more than 4 hours.

Here are some photos I took when I got my NBI Clearance:

The line when I arrived at the NBI Clearance Center at Robinson’s OTIS

NBI Clearance Fees. For Local Employment you only have to pay Php 115

Steps in getting / applying for NBI Clearance: Payment, Encoding, Biometrics then Release.


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  1. Rexie

    Hi. Is it still working? Ganito parin kaya ang pila ng NBI kapag pumunta ako ngayong Monday Dec 8, 2013? Balak ko kasi pumunta ng morning. Sana maaccomodate ako.

  2. pat

    hi is it still open on saturdays? :)

  3. Hi Sir Joey! I was wondering if I could reuse these photos for my blog. I was at Robinson’s Otis yesterday to for the renewal of my NBI Clearance, applied online and was amazed at how fast it was to process. Rest assured that I will put a disclaimer and inform readers of the source, which is your page.
    Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much sir! :)


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