Can you Convert your Regular SIM to Nano SIM?

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Can you convert your Regular SIM to a Nano SIM?

My wife gave me a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as a gift for my birthday few weeks ago. Just like the iPhone 4s, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 uses a Micro SIM. I’ve been using the same cellphone number for ages and I don’t wan’t to buy a new SIM for my new smartphone. Good thing there’s a way to convert the regular SIM card into a Micro-SIM for your Galaxy Note 2 or iPhone 4s.

But that’s not the case for the iPhone5. The iPhone5 uses a Nano SIM and the Nano SIM has a smaller golden microchip circuit than the regular SIM card.

SMART Nano SIM for iPhone5 on the left and the Micro SIM (cutted Regular SIM card) on the right

So, can you convert / cut your regular SIM to a Nano SIM? The answer is NO. Although there are DIY tutorials in the web, might as well just go to the SMART Wireless Center (or your carrier’s store) to have your SIM card processed.

If you’re looking for a Nano SIM for your SMART iPhone5, you can get one at the wireless center for Php 40.

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