Playa Calatagan Beach Resort

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Playa Calatagan Beach Resort, Batangas

Playa Calatagan Beach Resort is an Exclusive residential beach club and part of the Playa Calatagan Development Project by Landco Pacific Corporation (Landco)

Playa Calatagan is located in Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas, the southerwesternmost part of the province, approximately 110 kilometers south of Manila – a 3-4 hour drive trip.

Last month we got the chance to visit this beach resort and I’m just awed by how beautiful, tranquil and laid back the place is.

The residential subdivision and commercial district is still in construction phase but I think the beach resort is already complete (?) and man, is it big.

The beach resort has a beautiful landscape; it’s all green and has lots of trees. There’s a camping area but you can just place a ground cloth or sleeping bag and sleep under the trees.  There are also a number of picnic tables, cabanas and beach chairs.

Playa Calatagan beach resort offers a lot of activities like Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Zorbing, Mountain Biking, ATV Riding, Banana Boat, Football, etc. I also saw a couple of Kid’s Slides.

They have a huge, gorgeous pool area with a scenic garden. Entering the façade will make you realize that the resort is designed to cater the higher end.  They have a large infinity pool facing the Verde Island Passage and the Mindoro Island and also a kiddie pool with a pool water slide and fountains. What I loved most is the Juice Bar beside the pool, spent a lot of hours dipping on the water on this side. There is also a bridge over the swimming pool, a really romantic spot. :D


There are a number of beautifully designed cabanas and rest houses to choose from. Some cabanas/rest houses have two floors, with a large bed on the first floor and a sofa bed and wooden chairs and tables on the second floor.  They even have a ceiling fan on each of these rest houses.

Even the rest houses / cabanas beside the pools are first class. Each has a cozy, folding wooden furniture that can be converted into a chair. And the highlight, a Jacuzzi in each of these cabanas, best place to hang out during the hottest part of the day.

The wash rooms and showers are also neatly designed.

I was unable to catch the sunset since overnight stay is still not allowed. Perhaps they will allow this once the entire project is completed. My wife went a day ahead of us in Batangas and was able to catch the Playa Calatagan’s stunning sunset.

Playa Calatagan  is a really good place if you want to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones or even if you just want to be alone or de-stress from work.  The serenity of the beach resort plus the high end facilities and courteous staff makes this an ideal beach resort for families looking for a time off the metro and for couples on a romantic getaway.

One thing though, you need a referral from lot owners if you want to enter the beach resort.

We will definitely go back to this place.

Enjoy the photos!



Check out Landco’s or Playa Calatagan Batangas’ website  for more.

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