Axe Anarchy Raid Manila

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Axe Anarchy Raid Manila Winners  and Photos

Who says that summer is over? Yesterday, Eastwood City was scorching hot as Axe Philippines gathered the country’s hottest men and women to play the sexy game of Cops and Robbers at the Axe Anarchy Raid Manila.

Among those who played cops were the country’s hottest and loveliest celebrities, TV and Radio personalities – Sam Pinto, Bianca King, Sarah Lahbati, Kylie Padilla, Sheena Halili, Gwen Zamora, Megan Young, Vaness Del Moral, Bangs Garcia, Nadine Samonte, Ellen Adarna, Iwa Moto, Nina Jose, Regine Angeles, Jacq Yu, Jinri Park, Andi Manzano, Petra Mahalimuyak / Ashley Rivera, Karen Bordador, Divine Lee and Karel Marquez.




Also seen were models and beauty titlists Gwendoline Ruais, Dorina Groh, Chloe McCulley, Anne Real and many more – all the hot girls in one place. :)

Some of the male celebrities who played as robbers were Victor Basa, DJ Gino Quillamor, and the Boys of Boys Night Out – Sam YG, Slick Rick and Toni Toni.

Hosts for the event were Marc Nelson (who rappelled his way down the event area) and The Hunk, Mr. Ramon Bautista with field reporters Tintin Caballero and Riza Diaz.

The game rules were for the ladies to play the role of cops and men as robbers. Both are assigned certain numbers each and the cops must hunt down the robber with the same number and the first successful pair/arrest wins Php 1M each. This may sound simple, but it’s not.

Memorizing the 10-digit number assigned before the game already posed as a challenge. The organizers also made some twists and made the game more exciting by adding 20 marshals (plus other bouncers) which served as part of the obstacles. They also placed 20 additional robbers as decoys.

The cops’ starting point/police barracks was located on the left side of the stage while the robbers’ cell on the opposite side. In between were the marshals and marked safe zones.

The goal for the robbers were to go through the obstacles and stay in a safe (marked) zone where the cops can search/check for their numbers. The robbers were only allowed to stay on the safe zone for 30 seconds though.

The game start and resets were signalled by a siren on which the cops and robbers had to go back to their bases/starting point when the siren sounds.

Robbers caught by the marshals are sent back to their base/starting point.

There is a verification area where cops can drag the robbers if they found a match.

The game lasted for quite some time and some cops and robbers already looked exhausted until the hosts announced that there were already winners. I think aside from the grand winner, they also had 9 consolation prizes.

The Axe Anarchy Raid marks the launch of Axe’s newest fragrances, the Axe Anarchy For Him and For Her. Check out Axe Philippines websiteFacebook page and Twitter for more.

Congratulations to Eric Losloso and Petra Mahalimuyak / Ashley Rivera for winning Php 1M each!

More photos from the Axe Anarchy Raid Manila

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