Pet Express Doggie Run 2012 Photos

Mar 25, 2012 by

Photos from the Pet Express Doggie Run 2012  held yesterday.

It was our first doggie run and the experience was really fun. It was nice seeing different breeds of dogs, lots of them, all at the same time.

I was almost tempted to run fast since Piolo looked overly excited and kept on pulling me but I decided to shoot and run in between.

I was happy how Piolo behaved and performed during the run. He was unleashed most of the time and was just following me.

There were a lot of really cute dogs. I was also looking at the large breeds, I hope I can own one in the future.

See you again in the next doggie run. Email me for Hi-res copy. Cheers!



This gets my vote for the cutest pup :)

Miss Francine Prieto

Another cute tiny pug. I always wanted a pug.

Of course, my cute 5 month old shih tzu, Piolo

Buffy and papols





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  1. Don Salazar

    Mr. Joey Abiog, can I have a high res copy of your 97th photo? I’m the one holding a cam. Thanks!

  2. Don Salazar

    By the way, your shots are all great!

  3. hi don, sent. :) thanks!

  4. Rowena

    hi po sir ^_^..can i have a high res copy of image 55? guy running in blue shorts ^_^ it was a great shot sir thanks ^_^

  5. sent po. tnx!

  6. janine

    Hi Daddy Joey! Great documentation of the Doggie Run. Your shots are AWESOME! =)

  7. janine

    Hi Daddy Joey. Great documentation of the Doggie Run! Your shots are AWESOME! =)

  8. Jed

    Hi Dadddyjoey, thanks for documenting. It was really awesome, wasn’t it? It’s my second time running Doggie run. Let’s wait for the next Doggie run next year! :)

    By the way, can I have high res copy of image 74?

    Super thanks! :)

  9. Thanks Janine & Jed :)

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