Cheap LCD TVs On Sale at SM Appliance Center

Oct 13, 2011 by

Passed by SM Appliance Center a couple of days ago and saw a lot of cheap LED and LCD TVs on sale.  There were a lot of reasonably priced items on display but the prices of these LCD TVs caught my attention.

LG 37″ Full HD LCD TV @ Php 24,995.00 (I think it comes with a free wall bracket)

TCL 32″ LCD TV @ Php 16,995.00

DEVANT 32″ LCD TV @ Php 18,850.00 (With Free Wall Bracket and Free DVD Player)

DEVANT 40″ LCD TV @ Php 27,850.00 (With Free Wall Bracket and Free DVD Player)

I don’t know if these prices will still go down during the Christmas season but for me it’s already a good catch. :)


Had a chance to take a peek  at the Samsung and Sony LCD/LED TVs on sale at the SM Appliance Center this weekend. Check out some noteable prices below:

  • Samsung Series 4 32 in. LCD TV priced at Php 22,900
  • Samsung Series 5 32 in. LCD TV priced at Php 25,900
  • Sony Bravia 32 in. LED TV priced at Php 26,999, straight cash @ Php 23,999
  • Sony Bravia 32 in. LCD TV priced at Php 22,999, straight cash @ Php 19,999 with free DVD Player
  • Sony 32 in Internet TV priced at Php 27,999, straight cash @ Php 24,999 with free Skype Camera

Also saw a couple more Sony Bravia 32 in. LCD TVs, one selling at Php 21,999 (cash @ Php 18,999) and another at Php 22,999 (cash @ 19,999 with free DVD Player)

I really liked the Sony Internet TV and the Sony LED TV, another items on my Christmas wishlist :)

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