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UPDATE – Jan 15, 2013 Renewed my NBI Clearance last week. 

Went to Park Square in Makati to process my NBI Clearance Renewal yesterday morning.

I was unaware that the NBI Application and Renewal Kiosk in ( Park Square ) Makati has moved to a different location.

On the door was this notice that all NBI clearance applicants may apply instead on the said branches of Robinson’s Mall or in the following City / Municipal halls:

Robinson’s Manila, Robinson’s Otis, Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Metro East, Robinson’s Cainta, Quezon City Hall, Mandaluyong City Hall,  Marilao Municipal Hall Bulacan,  Muntinlupa City Hall,  Las Pinas Hall.

I asked the security guard why the kiosk closed and he said that NBI’s contract has already expired.

I then decided to go to Robinson’s Manila since I am more familiar with that place and I was thinking that there would be lesser applicants there.

One of the guards I asked pointed me to the basement where the NBI kiosk was. Approaching the stairs to the basement, I saw a lot of people piling up. It continued up to the basement and it turned out that they were also there to renew/apply for their NBI Clearance.

I was a bit surprised since the last time it nearly took me 5 minutes to renew my NBI clearance in Park Square.

‘Turned out that what the guard back in Park Square was telling me is that NBI’s contract with its IT provider, the Mega Data Corp has already expired.

I was not updated with the news these past few days and I only came to know about this when I went home and saw it on the tv.

It seemed that the previous IT provider,  Mega Data Corp has not given/turned over its software/databases to NBI and now NBI is starting everything from scratch. Whatta?!

I also saw one of the representatives of  Mega Data Corp in the interview saying that they can not just turn over the databases to the new contractor since it contains a lot of secure information? ???!

I don’t know a lot about these type of contracts but I was also a public servant for almost five years, wouldn’t be the contractor transferring ALL facilities under the BOT contract/scheme?

Anyways, let’s leave it all for the government to fix.

Just a heads-up for all you guys who are also going to renew or apply for their NBI Clearance. You might wanna go to the renewal kiosks earlier. The guard in Robinson’s Manila told me that some of those people were already there as early as 5am  and another guy told me that some, even earlier.

And yeah, did you see those people in the news getting their NBI Clearance at the NBI Main Office in Taft? The line in Robinson’s was nothing compared to that.

Let’s hope that this will all be resolved quickly since we don’t wanna go back and forth to the kiosks for days just to get our clearance.

The line going to the NBI renewal kiosk at Robinson’s Manila basement.

I don’t know if this is standard to all NBI Renewal kiosks. They have allocated a certain number of people (maximum of 150 per batch or 50 per hour) to process. ( Robinson’s Manila NBI kiosk)

For more info on how you can apply or renew your NBI clearance, check out NBI’s website




UPDATE: Got my NBI Clearance at Robinsons Otis

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