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Jun 30, 2011 by

Abe sent me a Google+ invite earlier. I tried checking out the invite but it seems that Google+ Plus server has exceeded its capacity as of this moment.

UPDATE: Finally able to get through the Google+ lockout. Leave a comment with your email if you want an invite :)

If  you’re thinking what the Google+ Plus project is all about, it is simply Google’s take on Facebook. I’m very much eager to test this and check its features especially the video / face-to-face-to-face chat called Hangouts.

If you also want an invite, leave a comment on Abe’s post [link].

Check out the video below and visit the Official Google Blog to know more about Google+

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  1. Pengeng invite!

  2. arnold

    check your email and see if you can get through with the link to check out google+

  3. @arnold, di pa din makalusot but i can already see your profile :)

  4. Josh.0

    I can haz google+ invite?

  5. Greenkid

    Hey man! Can I get an invite too?

  6. MdNomad

    You still have invites to hand out?

  7. Tony

    Can I haz some too!

  8. guess google+ site is (again) working now for everyone. sent an invite anyways. tnx!

  9. Gina

    Thank you so much!

  10. andré

    Hi there! Could I also get an invite? :D Thank you!

  11. andre, check your mail :)

  12. Jomarih Balagot

    Hi DaddyJoey,

    Please send me an invite into Google+ through my Gmail! Thanks!

  13. Zach

    Hook it up. Thanks!

  14. check ur mail zach :)

  15. kbt

    I would be grateful for an invite also..

    Thanks in advance!

  16. sla

    I’d like one! Thanks!

  17. haneesh

    hi send me one … Thanx

  18. zohaib

    Hi DaddyJoey,Please send me an invite into Google+ through my Gmail! Thanks!

  19. rexcel

    hey pare paki.send nman ng invite :D thanx!

  20. Lenard Valdez


  21. sent. pls check :) tnx

  22. Love an invite! Thx!

  23. Sunny

    Please invite me

  24. Nathan

    I would love a Google+ invite. Or a workaround…

  25. Jan Rzepecki

    Gmail+ invite would be great.

  26. zohaib

    Hi DaddyJoey,Please invite me into Google+ Thanks!

  27. yukone

    Hi DaddyJoey,

    I’ve searched for you the entire web!!

    Now, would you be so nice to invite me on google+? :P

    Thank you, Yukone.

  28. Issy

    daddyjoey, i’d love to be on g+. if you share an invite i’ll send you a nice postcard, if u like :)

  29. I would be ever greatful for an invite.

  30. Carlos

    Can i have an invite also??

  31. stefano

    Hi, Plz plz send one to me, plz.

  32. kuntal

    Can you invite me too, please.

  33. Sanson

    gg+ Invite pls? THX!!

  34. Bill

    G+ invite please!

  35. Buster

    Hi daddy Joey,

    Would love to receiver Your invitation for google+!

    Greets Buster

  36. John

    invite please

  37. sir.. need a g+ invite ;) thanks

  38. Brendan Gramer

    Please send me an invite. bgramer(at)

    Many thanks!!!

  39. Ooooh oh oh, can I have an invite pretty please??? =)

  40. nick

    Can I also ask for an invite? Thanks in advance! :)

    adventrox (at)

  41. Vitus Lam

    Can you invite me too, please

    vituslam (at)

  42. john

    got the share invite but how do i get passed the google limit message that comes up when i click the link? do i just keep trying till it lets me in?

  43. Kelly

    I would love an invite!

  44. Kelly

    any invites yet?

  45. Ryan

    Hi DaddyJoey,

    Please send me invites…. Thanks :-)

    MOre Power!

  46. Many thanks for posting this information. MY PARTNER AND I discover it pretty helpful whilst your strategies are really exceptional. Have a very good weekend coming from a fellow blogger.


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