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Everyone seems to be catching a cold in the office lately. Todayís just the second week of work for 2011 but a number of my friends have already been calling in sick since last week. Maybe itís because of the change in the weather.

I hate getting sick. I hate missing work and staying at home because of some colds.

To protect myself from colds and other illness, I try to stay healthy – by getting the right amount of sleep, doing exercises and running, observing proper diet and taking vitamins.

I also try to keep hydrated all the time by drinking lots of fluids and fruit juices. Drinking fruit juices regularly has its own benefits because of the vitamins and nutrients found in them.

Lately, Iím getting hooked on this orange juice drink I saw at a convenience store near our office. This orange juice drink tastes like the real thing and it even boasts that it has “NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED”.

As its tag line goes ďÖ itís got real pulp, nothing but the good stuff, and the wonderful orange taste youíre sure to love!Ē

Yep, You guessed it right.

It’s the Minute Maid Pulpy Orange.

Enjoy its healthy benefits. Grab one now. :)

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