Finally, Android 2.1 OS on my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i

Nov 3, 2010 by

After all the wait and frustrations

I finally updated my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 with the Android 2.1 Eclair OS. Yey!

New Homescreen and Live Wallpaper on my Sony Ericsson X10i – Android 2.1

I posted a video of the new features of the Android 2.1 OS on my X10i.

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  1. Anthony Barretto

    how did you upgrade? Up to now I couldn’t upgrade, kept telling me my software is the latest which is 1.6. Thanks

  2. try updating the SE PC Companion again.

    at the Support Zone, you should get a prompt for a new software available (when you connect your x10 to your pc). then same process in the video.

    goodluck. pm me if you have any more questions. tnx. :)

  3. This is great news, Joey! Will wait for your review, dude.

  4. will do, glad to have my phone updated with the 2.1 OS, i was almost tempted to root my phone just to update the OS :D

  5. Risa

    I just happen to locate this site in an attempt to find other Xperia users in the Philippines waiting for the update. Since you already got yours in your X10, I wonder when will the update for my X10 Mini Pro come. :(

  6. i was thinking that the update covers all the x10s :)

    the pc companion will automatically prompt you when there is already an update available for your handset.

    mine was made available just this morning :)

  7. Risa

    Yes. Actually I thought the same. The moment I saw your phone got updated, I tried updating mine as well. Still though, no Eclair update for me. Boo :(

  8. Prabu

    Hi Joey, your x10i belongs to which country is it India?.I tried to update now but fail.. :( and also how to update pc companion , i already have the latest version from se website is tat it??

  9. hi, i’m from the philippines. yes the pc companion is from the se website, if you plug the phone, there should be an update link at the Support Zone tab of the PC Companion that will prompt you of a new software update available when click. the steps are the same as the ones in the video, no more, no less.

  10. @risa, i got a friend who owns an x10 who’s also experiencing the same. maybe you can try updating the pc companion again. :)

  11. sitchuwap

    hi daddyjoey..about your phone is it build number:R2BA020?

  12. the build no says 2.0.A.0.504 if that’s what you’re referring to. :)

  13. X10 and X10 Mini users in the Phil have gotten the update already.

    X10 Mini Pro, none yet (I’m a Mini Pro user)

    Still waiting…

    Hope to hear more reviews from those that have it already! :)

  14. @john: i recorded a video of the new features of the android 2.1 os. tnx

  15. BIgBoy

    I think there are unit that can get the update even there are no update available in the philippines but some unit those not get any update. :)

  16. sitchuwap

    daddyjoey’s x10 build number:2.0.A.0.504 is for nordic update..

    for x10i build number:R2BA020
    Sony Ericsson Philippines CONFIRMS 2.1 UPDATE NOV. 15

  17. wow, that’s still days wait.

    @bigboy, yes, some of my SE friends here have also updated their units already.

    @sitchuwap, thank you very much for the link. well, better to hold on to that and wait for the update than rooting the phone which might cause more trouble. :)

    tnx for the comments guys!

  18. belong

    i’m one of those who are still waiting for the update for my x10i, i emailed se phil and they said it’s still on nov 15 that they will release the 2.1.
    i wonder for those who owns x10i got there updates…

  19. im an x10i user and i had the update a day after their release

  20. sitchuwap

    again guys if your phone build number:2.0.A.0.504 you got a 100% guarantee priority update base on its Nordic firmware..and if your phone build number:R2BA020 like mine hehe.. you still need to wait until Nov. 15 for the Asia firmware update.. for now just watch a lot of youtube vids to suplement your thirst on 2.1.. buwahaha!!

    to know the build number of phone

  21. Lol! Tnx for the info sitchuwap :-)

  22. Victor III

    is the update for x10 mini also available? why cant i update mine?

  23. Bienskee

    Another way to get update is change your R2BA020 to generic nordic of R2BA026, then use SEUS update. I got update 2 days ago using nordic flash tool. thanks to xda

  24. @bienskee, yes, i was also tempted to flash my x10i using the tools from the xda forum but waited for the update instead.

    for those who can’t wait for the se update, you can check the flasher at the xda forum. :)

  25. just downloaded adw.launcher
    to supplement my thirst till nov 15.
    adw launcher looks the same as 2.1,,, :)

  26. tnx xris.

    i saw some of my colleagues running 2.1 or 2.2 on their xperia mini/ mini pro. will ask them how tomorrow.

  27. andoy

    I doubt there’s 2.2 for xperia mini/pro. I’m hoping I’m wrong =D.

  28. PJ

    Guys, I really cannot upgrade then android system of my X10i and I dont know why. It keeps on saying already up to date where in fact I cannot see any changes on the system specially on the firm version. It is still 1.6. I already updated the PC companion but still nothings changing,, This is bad. Im frustrated

  29. andoy, me too. i am trying to look for some flash on the xda forums though.

    pj, is your phone’s build number:2.0.A.0.504 ? please see sitchuwap’s comments for more. tnx

  30. andoy

    @Joey, i’m already fine with 2.1. Can’t wait for Nov 15 to update my mini pro =D. It’s like waiting for the salary although I already got that today hehe.

  31. @andoy: nice! btw, i got a friend who go this installed in her x10


  32. ebst

    SADDDD! Sir, my x10i’s build number is 1.1.A.0.8
    What shall I do now? Im also from Philippines.

  33. ebst, you can wait for the update on the 15th or root/flash ur x10i :)

  34. andoy

    @joey, I’m still using 1.6. I meant I’m fine with just 2.1 and not 2.2, as long as I can get it as soon as possible, can’t wait for the 15th.

    What I already have is my salary =p.

  35. hehe. yes, good things come to those who wait. :)

    for sure u’ll be happy once you’ve seen your x10 running on 2.1 :)

  36. ebst

    SALAMAT! HAHAHAHA. akala ko hnd na mauupdate. :)

  37. ebst

    BTW, How sure that the update will be rolled on 15th sir?

  38. ebst

    Hey sir, my bad. I have x10 mini pro. not x10i. haha! sorry. :)

  39. andoy

    @ebst, we’ll just have to wait. Also have mini pro here. Just a few more hours =D.

  40. Uy oo nga, one day nlng

  41. belong

    it’s now nov15!
    where’s the update they promised?

  42. andoy

    @belong, still nothing? I’m yet to check, still at work. Will verify tonight. If still nothing, I’m going to re-flash to nordic.

  43. inna

    mine is x10 mini with build number is 1.1.A.0.8

  44. belong

    @andoy, it’s 4:30pm – it’s still nothing!
    probably i need your help also to re-flash my x10i to nordic. don’t know what to do.

  45. belong

    i also have x10 mini pro- waiting to be updated together with my X10i.

  46. galit sa SE

    dammit!! nagoyo na naman tayo ni SE waited long for this one for phil wala pa rin!!

    kung di lang matagal ang delivery ng globe sa ip4 matagal ko na to dinispatsa..

    pag dumating na iphone 4 ko .. GOODBYE x10!! walang kwentang phone! mahal pa naman..



  47. belong

    wala pa rin!

  48. anu ba yan!

    putik yan kala ko totoo put@#$%^^&*

  49. did you guys check kung meron na update si SE PC Companion? hay, sana dumating na updates nyo. nicheck ko sa SE FB page wala pa announcement!/sonyericssonph

  50. ebst

    yes sir, wala pa din. hayy kainis naman. pag fnlash mo ba, mawawala warranty?

  51. Bienskee

    another way for update to 2.1 is change your phone region code into global generic with 1232-9897. to edit you must have root explorer or myphoneexplorer installed on your phone. download myphoneexplorer (mep) for pc & mep client for mobile phone. I also used this method for updating, and it works. I think ASTRO can also modify the changes of the code..

  52. ebst

    and that will void your warranty?

  53. Bienskee

    yes, absolutely. i don’t think flashing or using any methods can brick the phone easily, if you do correctly your phone will run by no mistakes…

  54. ebst

    Okay. But SE in MOA is offering to upgrade my firmware for the price of 460, i think. Do you think that they will flash my phone?

  55. what? firmware update for Php 460? that should come for free.

    i too didn’t flash my phone because there’s always the risk of breaking it and voiding the warranty

  56. ebst

    Yes. 560, not 460 = your SE phone must have a warranty. But, since the upgrade here in Phil is not available, I think that they will flash your phone.

  57. andoy

    They’re delaying to make more money. Report them to SE head office. Threaten them ebst.

  58. ebst

    I think they are taking advantage of the delay. They will flash your Phone then upgrade it rather than upgrading it instantly. Right?

  59. ebst

    @joey, How did you update your firmware without flashing it? Or 2.1 is already available to your phone?

  60. what? flashing your phone to nordic to get the update?

    @ebst, my build no is 2.0.A.0.504, i got the update right after the day they released their first update thru pc companion

  61. andoy

    @daddyjoey, i guess the question is where did you get your phone? Or have you answered that above? :)

  62. it’s from se phils, but this was a unit brought by an se personnel from se singapore

  63. boy

    wala pa rin? :(

  64. no reply from se phils :(

  65. Bienskee

    Guys you can wait until 22nd of nov. (for those willing to wait). my last update was customized R2BA020 via SEUS ,no OTA. you can check your brand and firmware through service info. in the lock screen press the two buttons below simultaneously and in succession…

    ..Menu, Back, Back, Menu, Back, Menu, Menu, Back..

    x10i has lots of customized version and region code. 2.0.A.0.504 is the 2.1 (eclair) build no. of all x10 phones. I used 1232-9798 generic global region (mostly x10i users around the globe) to recognize by SEUS for updating. the update file is approximately 160+ mb. guys hope you get update to 2.1

  66. tnx for the info bienskee :)

  67. ebst

    well, i just came from SE MOA. They said that they will flash the phone in order to get the update. And still the @.1 update here in Phil is not yet available. So, we still need to wait guys.

  68. Bienskee

    ok guys for more info, x10/x10 mini. remove your battery and check your SI. mine is SI 1236-2477 and still not on the list to receive update of 2.1. try visiting this link to see if your SI number is amongst the handset which have received the update:

    If your SI number is not listed, this means your handset is branded to a network which has not yet approved the update for download. if your number is included and still can’t get the update
    try to check or disable your firewall or virus protection which maybe sometimes blocking the PC-companion from Internet access. or you can try removing and re-installing the application or delete the contents in the database folder for Update Service “Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db”.

  69. ebst

    Thanks Bienskee.

  70. i remember uninstalling and reinstalling the pc companion before i was able to get my 2.1 update

  71. andoy

    joey is right! I’ve downloaded a new PC companion in my netbook and after hooking up my mini pro, ‘new software update available’. Oh yeah! I’ll be skipping back up and restore. Will post when I’m done. Should’ve thought about this last Sunday.

  72. andoy

    Guess who’s updated to 2.1 =D. Thanks a bunch to bienskee and joey for the idea.

  73. I just checked via wifi today and it prompted that the update is finally available. I’m from Davao, Philippines.

  74. ramilc

    Hey guys, I still cannot update my xperia mini pro. It prompts me to update my pc companion but getting an error at the middle of the update (error installation). I already uninstall and reinstall it but still the same. Please help.

  75. @ramilc try downloading it again.

    good to hear that the 2.1 is finally here :)

  76. belong

    finally im enjoying my x10 2.1 android, just updated last night. cheers!

  77. I just did my android 2.1 update last night for xperia X10 mini pro. i was almost tempted to do the nordic flash few days ago. Whew… it also solved my no boot Globe Postpaid sim issue. Perfect update so far… btw, the latest PC Companion is the 2.0.068 version, the other one was 2.0.058. Only the 2.0.068 will prompt you for the 2.1 update…

  78. jin

    i cannot still update my x10 pc companion says that i have an update available but when i go to step 2 an error occurs. i’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling pc companion to no avail:(

  79. andoy

    What does the new firmware say on your phones? Mine says 2.1-update1.

    Also, I don’t like the new unlock screen, it wouldn’t go away. I still like the pattern unlock screen. The problem with enabling the pattern unlock screen is that I still have to go through the stock unlock screen so it’s really tedious.

    x10 mini pro here.

  80. kurel

    i just uninstalled then reinstalled pc companion and it works! yey i’m going to update now. thanks guys :D

  81. inna

    my pc companion version is 2.01.068…. it says that my phone is up to date.. but its 1.6

  82. pls download the latest update of pc companion first :)

  83. inna

    what is the latest update of pc companion??? where can I download it??

    thank you

  84. inna

    my SI # is 1237-5961 and not yet included in the kits that is found on the SE blog.. but how come there is already 1237-5962 and 1237-5963? should’nt it be 1237-5961 comes first?

    pls ans…thank u. :)

  85. panky10

    I uninstalled my old PCComp and installed a new pc companion but it still shows my x10 mini is still up to date…

  86. hi guys, you can try updating by going to menu > settings > about phone > software update. hope this works for the others

  87. ebst

    @inna. you should wait. :D

  88. PJ

    My phone SI is listed on the SE kit blog. What should be the version of the PC companion? I got the 2.0 version. Will that satisfy the upgrade? Im so so not techy. help!

  89. PJ

    I am now updating my software via update service software. I hope this will work now.

  90. PJ

    thank God! The long is over.

  91. inna

    how long does it take to update your phone?

  92. i forgot the exact size of the update file to download. it took me around 20-30 mins to update my phone. :)

  93. ebst

    For me, its only 10 minutes. :)

  94. nice, that’s 20-30 mins including download and update of se pc companion :)

  95. andoy

    @ebst so now you’re glad you didn’t fork out the cash to flash to nordic huh =D. Patience is indeed a virtue.

  96. ebst

    yes sir. thanks to all of you. =)

  97. Rey

    Hi, i just got my x10 updated to 2.1 two days ago. My problem is it keeps randomly goes on and off at times. Does anyone have the same experience after the update?

  98. hi rey, i didn’t encounter any issues with the update, maybe you can try resetting the settings to factory mode and updating it again. tnx.

  99. andoy

    same here Rey, no random shutting off. You might have installed something that is conflicting the system?

    Ever since I had android, I never had to restart my phone or experience random shutting off. I often had it before with X2.

  100. Rey

    thanks. i’ll try your suggestion, joey.

  101. Eleonor

    Im from davao, philippines.. what is the latest firmware update for x10 mini pro?.. im running android 2.1 firmware so eager to update this phone..

    please email me..thanks ahead :)

  102. Eleonor

    my email is

    super thanks!

  103. hi, the latest supported OS is still 2.1. i doubt that SE X10 and its variants will be supporting 2.2 or higher versions of the android OS but they are doing some research / tests to accommodate the newer OS versions via custom roms. :)

  104. there are ways to root your phone to run the higher versions of the OS though :)

  105. Eleonor

    I am hesitant to root my phone. I just wanna know the latest firmware x10 is having now. :)

    what firmware do you have now?

  106. Eleonor

    Sorry, i mean the build number of xperia x10… :)


  107. no worries :)

    firmware version 2.1-update1
    build no 2.0.2.A.0.24 :)

    cheers! :)

  108. Eleonor

    Is the update available for mini pro daddyjoey?

  109. Eleonor

    @daddyjoey:: did u root ur phone?

  110. no :) what android os version are you using right now? :)

  111. Eleonor

    i am currently using android 2.1 . but i wasn’t able to update the phone yet

  112. and by update you mean firmware? :)

  113. Eleonor

    @joey: yes! exactly. :)

  114. i still don’t have the latest update too… failed on the first try. i will create a post once i get the update :)

  115. hi eleanor, was able to install the latest update.

    build no 2.1.A.0.435

    will post more after i familiarize myself with the new features. thanks!

  116. Eleonor

    @joey:: but u have the previous update?
    @daddyjoey:: ok. I will wait for that. Thanks ahead. But may I have the latest update even I didn’t get yet the previous one?

  117. hey, sorry about the names. i think it will directly install the latest build. :) i’ll post a video maybe tomorrow :)

  118. Eleonor

    No prob bout that. Super2 thanks.

  119. Cjey

    Can you post the detail guide of upgrading 2.1 from 1.6 using SEPC or SEUS. I tried many times with these but failed everytime. i dont know what is wrong with my procedure and i am frustrated to asking SE about this. Please help me.

  120. hi, the pc companion will prompt you about the update when you connect your phone to your pc. you can also update over the air. i just followed the same steps in the vid. thank you!

  121. Cjey

    Thanks for the reply but i am afraid that over the air update is not available in my area. I live in Nepal but i purchased phone from Australia.

  122. Glerie Domingo

    hi guys!

    i maybe late in this forum. but i have just bought an x10 2 weeks ago and its firmware was still with 1.6. i did follow the steps here but still the pc companion says its up to date with 1.6.

  123. Glerie Domingo

    here is something about my phone.

    Model number: X10i
    Firmware version: 1.6
    Baseband version: 1.1.26
    Kernel version: 2.6.29-rel
    semc-android@SEMC #2
    Build number: R2BA021

    Please help me upgdate my phone to 2.1.

    Thank you.

  124. hi, is your pc companion updated? the pc companion should prompt you with the updates automatically.

  125. You’ve made some decent points there. I checked on the net for more info about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this site.


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