Newport Ultra Cinema Lazyboy Experience

Sep 6, 2010 by

We were invited to watch a movie at the Newport Ultra Cinema earlier.

The Newport Cinema is located on the top floor of the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila, Pasay City.

There are four cinemas at the mall and the newest is the Ultra Cinema which boasts of fully reclining seats with leg rests.

Sitting on the  Lazy Boy was simply awesome. The seats are so comfy and each pair of seats have dividers – ideal for couples who wanna go out on a date, or just simply for those who want to have some privacy.

Sodas and popcorns are unlimited and there are attendants to assist you by simply pressing the call buttons located just beside the seats.

The Newport Ultra Cinema rate is Php 450 per person while the Digital 3D Cinema and the rest are at Php 300 and Php 180 respectively.

I suggest you check out the Ultra Cinema for a cool, lazy boy, luxurious cinema experience.

Here are some photos we took before the movie. Cheers!

Update: Check out Newport City on Facebook

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