MMDA Anti-Littering Law

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MMDA will re-implement Regulation Number 96-009 or the Anti-Littering Law starting September 16, 2010

The said regulation prohibits littering, dumping, and throwing of garbage or any kind of waste in open or public places. Moreover, both public and private business establishments are required to maintain the cleanliness of their frontages and immediate surroundings.

Violators will be fined PhP500 to PhP1,000 and community service for those who cannot afford to pay the fines.

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I hope they also introduce a MMDA Anti-Kotong Law. On my daily commute, I always see some MMDA officers on the prey for some motorists. I believe that their job is to guide motorists not to commit traffic violations instead of waiting for them to make some mistakes and milking on them.


What acts are prohibited by the Anti-Littering Law?

  1. The Anti-Littering Law prohibits the following acts:
    • Littering, Illegal dumping, Illegal disposal of garbage;
    • Urinating, defecating, spitting in a public place;
    • Dirty frontage and immediate surroundings for establishment owners;
    • Improper and untimely stacking of garbage outside residence or establishment;
    • Obstruction (any dilapidated appliance, vehicle, and etc., display of merchandise, illegal structure along sidewalk);
    • Dirty public utility vehicles, or no trash can or receptacle;
    • Spilling, scattering, littering of wastes by public utility vehicles; and
    • Illegal posting or installed signage, billboards, posters, streamers and movie ads., etc.

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