Smart Communications Inc. to Offer Adult Services?

Jul 18, 2010 by

Smart Communications must be cooking up something really BIG!!!

If you haven’t noticed Smart Communication’s advertisement in Facebook, here it is again:

BIG and FREE, 18 & Up only

BIG and FREE, 18 & Up only

“Something ‘BIG’ and ‘FREE’ is coming your way.”

Ok, we hear that. but what about  it being “For 18 an up only”???

Hmm, this must be something really interesting.

Free Sexy Mobile Wallpapers and Screensavers?

Guess we only have to wait two more weeks for this.

‘Like’ Smart Communications Facebook Page and be the first to know.

Smart R18

Smart R18

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  1. thedorkknight

    That’s funny! It’s either THAT or probably something similar to globe’s rewards! Hmm… what could it be?

  2. 10 more days. hope it’s worth the wait :)

  3. christian

    i hope this promo entails unlimited promos and prices for smart subscribers..:) im excited!

  4. The Pixie

    why do we have to be 18 and up? Haha intriguing!

  5. brownie

    R18? and adult services?? i am thinking..sounds exciting!sana july 30 na!

  6. Al

    This better be a porn site. %*&^

  7. Kasing laki ko ba ito? Kasing laki ng North America? Grabe, ibang klase yung Smart!!! I can’t wait!

    They’ll announce it on Facebook lang, ano? Buti nalang, fan ako ng Smart Communications Facebook Fan Page nila. Hehehe…

  8. Hahahahahah! Ang kulit ng picture mo na R-18. Hmmm… Smart’s a wholesome company, bakit may ganto? Pero ang kyuutttt ng emoticon nila, parang YM lang ah.

    Seriously Smart, what is it about?

  9. kitkat

    Big plans and Free phones?? un kaya ung BIG and FREE from Smart..:) exciting!

  10. kukulit ng comments nyo. hehe! thanks guys! abangan nalang natin! :D

  11. MariA

    saw the ad at fb first i didnt notice it was from smart till i clicked it..very interesting ung BIG and FREE ha! remember for adults only!!haha kulit!

  12. Twinkle

    18 and above? Intriguing….

  13. free acess sya just pay 600 then you can have a one month internet access but after one again you have to bring your loptop again for them load for another one month use.the way to panagsama moalboal,cebu.In that shop thre are two technicians the one will fix and repair the mobile and the other one will do the download for internet access from WI-FREE.COM.CANADA in that way also you can see the one who will fix and repair watches and next is the one i mean.

  14. but i have to bring also my smart bro sim also .maybe am not sure next week i will go back again to subscribe from them.only 600 no singning of contract.see
    pls try to open the wesite WI-FREE.COM.CANADA

  15. i know smart company is very good to me the time i’m still in saudi they want me and help me to come back philippine you know not only smart but also globe company…thank you very much LIBATAN,EDITHA TARONGOY concern citizen


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