Manila International Auto Show 2010 – Foton Girl, Abby Poblador

Apr 18, 2010 by


This cute Foton Girl at the Manila International Auto Show 2010 looks like some celebrity… or is she?

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  1. Huh! She din’t change clothes? :D

    She is one of the loveliest there. ;-)

  2. it’s a uniform bro, of course they come in pairs or sets. :D i agree, definitely on the top 3 :)

  3. bob

    brod, nice shots. pwede bang i-repost some of these pics ni ms foton? thanks a lot.

  4. thanks for the compliment, hassle nga kasi naka built-in flash lang ako. no problem sir sa repost. :)

  5. ANG LAKI … ng bracelet!!!

  6. ganda nga nyan. :)

  7. ryan

    1st luckiest man – his boyfriend sitting behind you photographers while u A.H were busy taking her pics..

    2nd luckiest man carlo, my friend who happens to know her personally since they are friends from college

    3rd luckiest man me! cuz she’s my classmate in college and I am sitting in front of her..

  8. ok, someone emailed me her name

  9. jealousguy

    ryan, i understand all your hatred. fanboy.

  10. mark

    my facebook b xa?

  11. chaz

    ryan..pidabs ka din? hhmmm 1 sem lang ako sa CA pero kasama ko sha sa cast ng short film. member din kse si “miss foton girl”

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